Specialized Arabic Programs

1.Arabic for Native Speakers Course

Because of the various colloquial dialects as well as the influences of foreign languages, such as French in North Africa and Lebanon or English in Egypt, Jordan, and other countries, Classical and Modern Standard Arabic are not acquired neither in the Middle East nor North Africa as mother tongues, but rather they are learned as second languages at school or through exposure to broadcast programs, print media and religious ceremonies.

The EFAL Arabic for Native Speakers Course is therefore aimed at students who do not have the opportunity to study Arabic at school, or who have been brought up in an Arabic country but not educated within an Arabic-medium school or who attend an Arabic-medium school but need further after school assistance in their Arabic studies.

The EFAL Arabic for Native Speakers Course is aimed at students who are seeking a professional career in Arabic-speaking countries or who want to continue their postgraduate studies in Arabic.

2. EFAL Basic Survival Arabic Course

This course consists of 20 – 30 hours of Basic Survival Arabic.

This course will enable a new student or tourist to speak and comprehend enough of the local Moroccan dialect called daarijah – in relation to their business and personal interests while staying in Morocco.

The course will enable them to use daarijah in hotels, taxis, restaurants, stores and as needed in any other situation.

The student will learn to understand short and simple phrases and be able to pick up frequently used words and phrases that are necessary for conducting personal business, having a general conversation, as well as being necessary for day to day social interaction with the people of the local area they will be staying in.